Why probiotics?

Dangers of hazardous chemical ingredients

Many chemical cleaning products are made from synthetic materials, petroleum waste products etc. Such products are aggressive and do not decay readily – they accumulate and pollute environment that surrounds us. Hazardous chemical substances fall into rivers, groundwater and finally to the human body – it can cause metabolic dysfunction, dermatological diseases, disruption of cell renewal and self-regulatory mechanisms etc.
Excessive pursuit of cleanliness often turns against us – we use aggressive chemical cleaners trying to wipe out all the dirt and bacteria around us despite the fact, that aggressive chemical substances pollute our indoors air and make it 3-5 times more polluted than outdoors. Furthermore, aggressive cleaners contain chemical substances (e.g. triclosan, formaldehyde, ammonia etc.) that may cause asthma, induce allergies, while continuous use of such products may cause disorders of endocrine system and increased risk of cancer.

How to clean our homes effectively and safely?

To clean our homes effectively and safely we have to use natural cleaning products without hazardous chemical substances. However, a natural composition only is not enough – to maintain a healthy and safe environment in our homes, we also have to ensure a prevalence of favorable microflora around us. It can be achieved by using natural cleaning products with probiotic bacteria.

What are probiotics?

Our homes are not just buildings – they are complex communities made up of diverse populations of microorganisms, containing harmful species as well as beneficial bacteria. Microorganisms enter our homes together with inhabitants and guests: people and animals, from the things that are brought inside and many other ways. Microorganisms and their balance are important factor for our health.
The community of microorganisms that live in particular habitat (such as our homes) is defined as microflora. It includes both beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria species, the natural balance of which is very important for our well-being.
Probiotics, also called good or beneficial bacteria, are live microorganisms that can be found in wide range of niches: inside human body as well as outside it, in the environment that surrounds us. They create healthier environment for humans by boosting number of beneficial bacteria at the expense of harmful bacteria, creating and maintaining favorable microbial society.

How regular chemical cleaning products work?

The current generation of cleaning products based on disinfecting chemical composition destroy the natural microflora in our homes, the number of bacteria decreases significantly. However, more resistant bacteria (generally more harmful) survive and start to multiply, adapting to unfavorable conditions by gaining additional resistance to more and more aggressive chemical disinfectants. Consequently, potentially harmful microorganisms start to prevail in microbial society of our homes, making our environment less healthy. All these conditions affect our immunity: we become more susceptible to various infections, develop allergies and meet other health problems.

How cleaning products with probiotics work?

Natural cleaning products with probiotics are as effective as regular cleaners at removing dirt and impurities, yet products with probiotics enrich microflora with beneficial bacteria instead of disturbing it as chemical cleaners do. Regular use of natural cleaning products with probiotics, enriches our environment with beneficial bacteria, makes it less welcoming for harmful bacteria, thus creating healthier environment for humans.