JSC „ProBioSanus“ – we unite nature and science

JSC “ProBioSanus” cares about the nature and aims to improve quality of life by promoting a healthy balanced microbiological environment. With help of natural sciences we create and develop high quality natural cleaning and personal care products PROBIOTIC™.

PROBIOTIC™ cleaning products contain probiotic bacteria that restore natural microbiological balance, create human friendly microflora – natural defense shield from multiplication of pathogenic bacteria species, while personal hygiene products contain probiotic fermentation products (metabolites) which enrich the skin with proteins and vitamins as well as balance the microflora on the skin.

PROBIOTIC™ cleaning and personal hygiene products are created and developed in the company‘s laboratory PROBIOSAN LABORATORY – this laboratory of microbiology and chemistry is one of the most innovative and advanced laboratories in the field of creating and producing cleaning and personal hygiene products in the Baltic countries. PROBIOSAN LABORATORY employs a team of scientists is skilled in fields of chemistry, biotechnology and microbiology, who perform development and production of innovative probiotic based cleaning and personal hygiene products, fermentation of bioactive components etc.

Our values – innovativeness, effectiveness, reliability and commitment.ProBioSanus