Certification of palm oil – responsibility before people and nature, value for conscious consumer

When developing Probiotic products, we think responsibly about their ecological composition, because this is how we create value for our customers: we help avoid aggressive chemicals in households.

One of the sources of surfactants in our cleaning, laundry and dishwashing detergents is palm oil.

Palmių aliejus

A clean T-shirt starts with one oil palm seed. Of course, there are many steps to go between a seed from which an oil palm tree grows and the laundry. When buying cleaning or laundry detergents, it is important to understand and take a close look at what surfactants are used. They provide cleaning power in household detergents. When a T-shirt is washed, surfactants as if stick to impurities and are rinsed out of the garment with running-off water.


Sustainability is yet another aspect of using palm oil, which is important to us and, no doubt, our customers. Palm oil grows in tropical forests, and uncontrolled felling of these forests to free up space for traditional palm oil plantations has led to a decrease in the area of biodiversity-rich tropical forests.

Palmių plantacija

Plečiantis sąmoningam palmių aliejaus vartojimui, vis daugiau palmių aliejaus pramonės dalyvių įsipareigojo taikyti tvaresnę praktiką. Šio laipsniško perėjimo rezultatas – apskritai mūsų gaminiuose daugėja palmių aliejaus, kuris gaminamas ir tiekiamas tvariu būdu.


With the expansion of conscious palm oil consumption, increasingly more palm oil industry participants have committed themselves to more sustainable practices. The result of this gradual transition is that our products in general contain increasingly more palm oil which is produced and supplied in a sustainable way.


Sertifikuotas palmių aliejus

The Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) organisation was established for this purpose. This organisation set common criteria for certifying raw materials, confirming that they have been grown and produced in a way sustainable for nature and people.