Concentrated detergents: conscious and responsible approach to yourself and nature

With increasingly loud calls to reduce plastic consumption, we often do not think that the big change starts with each of us. Let’s take a closer look at how much and what products we buy in plastic packaging and how we can choose more responsibly. Probiosanus, a producer of innovative products with probiotics, offers a simple way to buy concentrated household chemicals. Higher concentration of active substances in the product – longer use, more washing or cleaning. For example, one 1.5-liter Probiotic detergent will have up to 50 washes, which means less packaging, less plastic.

How to identify concentrated Probiotic detergents?

“Product labeling aims to help consumers understand how to make a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution,” says Darius Kentvainis, director of Probiosanus. “The number 50 on the front of the pack indicates that up to fifty washes will be enough. You will just need less, and it is an economic benefit for a person, because one wash is significantly cheaper than buying another package. ” Smart consumers are increasingly looking at packaging, and the choice of product is determined not only by a recognizable brand but also by additional information. Also, more and more people are not giving up the myth that the more laundry they wash uing more detergent, the laundry will be cleaner, forgetting that it is harder to rinse too much detergent. Effective eco-friendly Probiotic detergent is made from active ingredients of vegetable origin, with just 30 ml per wash.

Economical choice

By protecting nature, we protect our pockets. When choosing a product, it is useful to calculate the cost per wash. You don’t really need special math knowledge or skills. By dividing the price of the package by the number of laundry instances indicated, concentrated Probiotic detergents are among the cheapest in the market. After asking consumers what they can find cheaper, we received responses from rubber-bands for hair, to a match box or to one banana. And the benefits you get are really great: an eco-friendly product enriched with probiotics, good bacteria, effective and environmentally friendly.