Do we really understand the harm done by household chemicals?

As Prof. Leonardas Lukoševičius writes: ‘chemicals contained in home cleaning detergents are so dangerous that the harm done by them to the lungs is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes per day.’

Chemikalų žala
Harm done by chemicals

Surfactants, which is exactly what creates the effect of cleanliness, are traditionally produced from crude oil. Growing environmental challenges and people’s concerns regarding healthy environment are the main reasons why bioactive materials produced using plants and natural materials such as coconuts, soy beans, grapefruit seeds and cellulose extracts, maize, etc. are so popular.

We are one of the first manufacturers in Lithuania to have specially developed a formula in collaboration with scientists and have launched the production of detergents using surfactants of plant origin (based on coconuts and palm oil). Probiotic products are the response to anyone who wants to create a healthy environment for themselves and their loved ones. The products contain no colourants, phosphates, chlorine, or other hazardous substances.

It is important to know that irrespective of the intensity of rinsing, our laundry, dishes or simply the environment we clean interacts with the body, so we first need to think about how and with what we wash our children’s dishes, clothes and clean our homes where our babies play and walk barefoot, touching furniture and floor surfaces with their tiny little hands. Once we start thinking more responsibly and take interest, we will always make the right choice.