Ecological Probiotic products: what you need to know about coconut-based surfactants

The effectiveness of a dishwashinglaundry or cleaning detergent is determined by the surfactants used. The task of these surfactants is to turn the surface of a pollutant’s (e.g. grease) particles into having an affinity for water, thereby detaching them from the washable surface. Various impurities, especially grease, are very hard to wash off with water, as water does not dissolve grease. Therefore, the surfactants used in dishwashing detergents are absorbed on the surface of contact between water and pollutant. In this way the pollutant detaches from the washable surface, i.e. the surfactants dissolve grease in water.

Ekologiškos paviršinio aktyvumo medžiagos (PAM)

Ecological surfactants

The surfactants are traditionally produced from crude oil. Growing environmental challenges and people’s concerns regarding healthy environment are the main reasons why bioactive materials produced using plants and natural materials such as coconuts, soy beans, grapefruit seeds and cellulose extracts, maize, etc. are so popular.


In our Probiotic range of products, ever since day one coconut-based surfactants replaced products from crude oil that are still used by other manufacturers. Not only is this eco-friendly, but also skin-safe and effective: they can be effectively adapted for use in hard water, it is possible to effectively wash various cotton and other fabrics, remove various impurities from surfaces.


Coconut-based surfactants are actively finding their way into the composition of products that we can use in our households, personal care, food processing, agriculture, textiles, etc. The increasing environmental awareness and sensitivity, the growing market of personal care products around the world are creating great demand for bioactive materials. As coconut-based surfactants are natural and do not harm the skin, the demand for them is growing, especially in the market of household washing, cleaning and laundry detergents. We are one of the first Lithuanian manufacturers to start using natural, coconut and palm-based active materials in our products.


Europe is the leading market using coconut-based surfactants, followed by North America. The increasing consumer demand for products of natural origin is becoming the driving force of the market. We see that conscious consumers in Lithuania are looking for and choosing products that are not only beneficial to human health but also do not harm the nature.


Probiotic linijos valymo priemonės

Detergents of the Probiotic range

Increasingly more people have already entrenched in their lives the concept that the more natural a material is in products, the healthier environment we create in our households. In addition, the environmental aspect is also relevant because crude oil-based chemical surfactants have low biodegradability, which is harmful to nature and people; they settle in the environment, and the humanity runs the risk of all this chemical pollution returning through water, soil into our food chain and getting into the body. As a result, increasingly innovative manufacturers use biodegradable components, which are also present in the composition of our Probiotic products.


The key features creating a good product result are the proper compatibility of raw materials, and high activity, which makes Probiotic products extremely effective in removing various stains, grease, and most importantly, protecting people and nature.