Even more useful information available on the new Probiotic website

Increasingly more conscious users are choosing not just the functionality of goods but are also looking for smart and long-lasting solutions for home cleanliness, proper laundry or dishwashing. Probiotic products answer to many people’s questions, as laundry, cleaning and dishwashing detergents with their unique composition with probiotics, the good bacteria, provide quadruple benefits: they are effective, economical, ecological and have enduring protection.

On the updated Probiotic website, every user will easily find not just the products themselves and their descriptions, but also additional information based on research and innovations born in our laboratory. A convenient search function will allow you to quickly find the information you need and to get acquainted with innovations, and for those in a hurry or those who value time it will be worthwhile to use our e-shop offering our full range and new products that may not always reach store shelves quickly.

A blog has been created for curious users, where we will talk about all the topical issues related to healthy environment, what sensitive or allergic people should know, and where experts and scientists will share their experiences and insights. We look forward to your questions, suggestions for topics that matter to you.

Browse, take interest, ask, and let us create a human-friendly and safe home environment together.