Laundry economy: you will save twice

It’s time to talk not only about the cleanliness of the laundry, but also about the economical choice. All agree that we often have a simple question, “How to make an efficient and economical choice?” How solve the Best Price secret? ”

Simple calculation reveals that concentrated Probiotic detergent is economical choice

Let’s do it together, using arithmetic. On the shelves we see packages of different sizes, which vary in price. However, this is just the first and often misleading glance. We know that apples need to be compared with apples. It will be clearer to us if we estimate the size of the packaging next to the price or, more precisely, how much times we can do laundry with detergent in one package.


Almost all manufacturers, in small letters, note, for example, the number of laundries for packaging, such as 25, 50, or 100. A rare manufacturer performs an arithmetic for a buyer and writes how much a single laundry costs. We will choose PROBIOTIC concentrated ecological detergent with probiotics COLOR, with a packing capacity of 1500 ml and for 50 laundry. Regular price in our online shop is 11,99 eur. Having a simple arithmetic action – dividing the price of 50 laundries – we have a great result: one instance with COLOR costs just 0.24 eur.


Less than a cup of late

We would all agree that 24 ct is a very small amount of money for cleanly washed laundry using ecological detergent and yet enriched with good bacteria – probiotics.

It is obvious that it is worth buying a concentrated detergent. And where do we save double? Time to think about packaging. When buying a concentrated detergent we have one plastic container. Depending on the family members, the amount for laundry will still be sufficient for a long time.


One container of concentrated Probiotic detergent – benefits for you and nature

With every purchase of concentrated detergent, we will buy less plastic packaging, we will have less recycling, less polluting the environment, just being economically educated, conscious consumers who save on washing, buying and protecting nature from plastic surplus.


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