Probiotic cleaning products: how can they protect the health of office workers?

Microbes in the office? Use good cleaners to keep your employees healthy and productive. Probiotic cleaning products can help maintain the health of office workers.

We will share some interesting facts before exploring the benefits of probiotic cleaners. Do you know there are up to 10 million bacteria on a regular desk in a regular office? That’s 400 times more than on the toilet seat!

In fact, it is not just the work desk that accumulates bacteria. As found by Arizona University Professor dr. Charles Gerba, phone handle, water tap Handle, microwave door handle and computer keyboard are the five most polluted places in every standard office. Rate this number yourself and you will see that every time you place your hand on 10,000,000 bacteria.

Workplaces may contain all types of bacteria: salmonella, E. coli or gold staphylococcus. However, remember that not all bacteria are bad. Not at all! In fact, good bacteria – probiotics – can help keep both office cleanliness and healthy workers. And probiotic cleaning products can be better than traditional chemical cleaning solutions. This is why.

The problem of chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners do not always get rid of all the bad bacteria. In fact, inappropriate use of biocidal chemicals for non-critical surfaces can increase the resistance of bad bacteria to cleaning agents. Bacteria remain on the surface and pose a risk to workers. Bad bacteria remain on keyboards, phones, door handles, and in the corners of office kitchens are successfully reproduced, their recolonization accelerates, people are at risk of disease.

The advantage of probiotic cleaners

Probiotic cleaners use beneficial bacteria – probiotics – to colonize the surface and compete with bad bacteria, basically taking over the area. This means that probiotics can help reduce the presence of harmful bacteria on tables and other office surfaces.

Probiotic cleaners provide cleanliness for longer periods of time. Useful bacteria with detergent are able to penetrate into small surface cracks and pores, which kill dirt, disrupt the growth of pathogenic bacteria and prevent contamination.

Probiotic cleaners are also more environmentally friendly than chemical products produced using large-scale industrial processes that not only generate CO2 and are non-renewable but can also produce hazardous by-products that continue to exist in the environment. So if your company has environmental policies and goals, then the use of probiotic cleaners is just mandatory.

Additionally, with probiotic cleaners you can reduce costs. In the medium and long term, probiotic cleaning products have a higher value for money. Not only are they effective and long-lasting, they need less use, save you time and effort.