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PROBIOTIC concentrated ecological liquid laundry detergent with probiotics and aloe vera extract, 1500 ml, 50 washes

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Superconcentrated liquid laundry detergent with probiotics and aloe vera extract.
Composed of carefully selected and balanced organic, natural ingredients. PROBIOTIC concentrated liquid laundry detergent with aloe vera extract and unique ActiveProbiotics technology not only effectively performs, but also prevents from unpleasant odors in the washing machine. It contains probiotic bacteria that immediately enrich natural microflora, provides additional protection from multiplication of pathogenic bacteria.

  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Suitable to wash clothes of infants
  • Suitable to wash clothes of people with allergies or sensitive skin
  • Tested and approved by allergologists and dermatologists
  • Contains no colorants, phosphates, chlorine or synthetic materials
  • Effectively washes all kinds of fabrics (including silk and wool)
  • Can be used both for hand wash and various washing machines at various temperatures
  • Suitable for houses with biologic waste management systems
  • Bottle enough for up to 50 washes

Usage: All laundry can be washed in the lowest temperature.  60°C is recommended in case of infections. For slightly dirty fabrics use 30 ml of the liquid detergent, for dirty fabrics use 40 ml and for very dirty fabrics use 50 ml of the detergent.

4 reviews for PROBIOTIC concentrated ecological liquid laundry detergent with probiotics and aloe vera extract, 1500 ml, 50 washes

  1. Gintare

    Išbandžiau ir likau sužavėta, nes nedirgina odelės vaikui (nėra jokių išbėrimų, paraudimų ir kitokio diskomforto, vaikas nesiskundžia, kad “smirda”, nes maloniai kvepia gaiva).

  2. Akvilė

    Likau maloniai nustebinta šio produkto veiksmingumu! Puikus kvapas, skalbiniai tampa minkšti ir švelnūs. Nedirgina odos. Puikus pasirinkimas!

  3. Danutė

    Kokybiškas skalbiklis, malonus kvapas, nedirginantis odos, kas tikrai svarbu, kai turi probleminę odą, skalbiniai minkšti, švelnūs ir dėmes puikiai šalina, puikus pasirinkimas 🙂

  4. Monika

    Esu labai patenkinta šiuo skalbikliu. Naudoju jį vaikų drabužiams skalbti. Puikiai įveikia per daug neįsisenėjusias dėmes, yra malonaus kvapo ir išties nedirgina odos. Išplauti drabužiai tampa minkšti ir jaukūs, nereikia minkštiklio. Labai džiaugiuosi atradusi!!

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