PROBIOTIC PURE dishwashing liquid with probiotics, 500ml



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Dishwashing liquid made from high quality natural origin ingredients and probiotic bacteria, for the special care and protection of your dishes and the skin of your hands. Specially developed for sensitive skin. Dishwashing liquid contains no preservatives, colourants, fragrances or other unnecessary ingredients. Approved by dermatologists and allergologists. Probiotic bacteria enrich natural microflora and protect from pathogenic bacteria multiplying.

For everyday cleaning, add 2 ml (½ a teaspoon) to 5L of water. For stubborn dirt, add 4 ml (1 teaspoon) to 5L of water. To save water and energy by washing efficiently, immerse the dishes in water instead of washing with a jet from the tap and stick to the recommended product doses. Efficient washing does not require lots of foam.

5-15% plant based anionic surfactants, <5% plant based non-ionic surfactants, <5% plant based amphoteric surfactants. Also contains: water, sequestrants, glycerol, salt, acidity regulator, probiotic bacteria.

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