Scientific validation

Based on the results of researches, we can state that probiotics are effective and innovative products for environmental management. Probiotic-based cleansing strategies can greatly accelerate efforts to reduce the risk of infections in medical facilities, social care homes and homes, thereby significantly improving health sustainability and providing a viable “green” alternative to the chemical disinfectants used to date. Read more in this research summary.

Investigation of the effectiveness of probiotic cleaning detergent against E. coli
Vilnius University
The study confirms that the surface cleaned with probiotics stops the growth of E. coli bacteria for up to 96 hours.
Quality Certificate

Sistemų Registras, UAB Lithuania
The quality control systems that provide the rigid standards for the manufacture of and trade in Probiotic laundry and cleaning products have been certified.

Trials of irritative and allergic effect: liquid laundry detergent Probiotic

General and aesthetic dermatology clinic Clinic In, Lithuania.
The trial has shown the laundry detergent to cause no irritation and allergic reaction.

Trial of probiotic effectiveness vs E. coli

Geneius Labs, the United Kingdom.
The trial has shown that a surface treated with probiotics provides up to 8 days of protection against the reproduction of E. coli bacteria

Probiosanus Quality and Environmental Policy

Developing very technological probiotic-containing products of high quality, we seek to promote the health of the human environment, keeping it natural and maintaining its microbiological balance.

Bandymų su gyvūnais politika

Vadovaudamiesi šia politika, mes užtikriname, kad kuriant ir bandant mūsų produktus, gyvūnai nebuvo ir nebus naudojami nei anksčiau, nei dabar, nei ateityje.

Our values: innovation, efficiency, reliability, and focus.