Why Probiotic?

Creating a clean, safe, and healthy environment

If you want to clean your home, do the laundry, and wash the dishes in a way that is clean and safe, healthcare experts recommend using natural detergents that are free from hazardous chemicals.

Many chemical cleaning and laundry detergents are designed with synthetic raw materials from oil waste parts. These detergents are aggressive and do not tend to break down naturally, accumulating in and polluting our environment.

Yet natural ingredients alone are not enough: to keep the home environment safe and healthy, a balance of the home microflora that is invisible to the naked eye needs to be maintained. This can be achieved with natural probiotics-containing cleaning and laundry detergents Probiotic.

Probiotic, a combination of four unique features

Probiotic offers four kinds of benefit to you: a product made from ecological materials, it effectively removes dirt and stains, is economical, and guarantees enduring protection through probiotics, the good bacteria.


Thanks to their unique composition, the detergents are quick to remove stains, dirt, and ensure impeccable result. The dishwashing detergent binds fat, making the dishes sparkle and shine. Clean home and clothes smell like nature with no chemical odours to irritate the nose. According to the tests of Probiotic laundry, cleaning, and dishwashing detergents, the products remove lime residue as well as chocolate, wine, coffee, and other stains.


Probiotic cleaning, laundry, and dishwashing detergents are made only from ecological materials, a smart combination of nature and science. Containing ecological plant oils and zero aggressive chemicals, the products are safe with your laundry, dishes, and home, and are environmentally friendly at all times. Forget chlorine, phosphates, synthetic materials, or dyes – all the chemical aggression at your home. Probiotic products are gentle on the hands, do not cause any allergic reaction or irritation, are suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin. The products are dermatologically and allergy tested so you can trust the experts and create a healthy environment for yourself and your family. The products are suitable for homes with biological treatment facilities.


A 1.5 bottle of laundry detergent will last twice as long as any other ecological detergent. Probiotic cleaning detergent is cost-efficient, as well, because protection with good bacteria lasts for a massive eight days, which means less frequent cleaning. You will be able to save with Probiotic laundry detergent, too, for this product, thanks to its unique ingredient profile, softens fabric, eliminating the need for softener. Thanks to their ecological ingredients, the products are gentle on the hands, which will not require protecting with expensive skin creams.


We live surrounded by bacteria; we cannot avoid them but we can choose to be surrounded only by the good bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics are living microorganisms that naturally occur both inside of the human body and outside, in out environment. Probiotics restore the natural microbiological balance, create a microbiological environment favourable for human beings, which protects us from the spreading of harmful bacteria.

Probiotic are probiotic-enriched products that guarantee eight days of protection thanks to the action of the good bacteria.

After they make their way onto clothes, surfaces, or dishes through Probiotic detergents, the good bacteria exhibit instantaneous action: prepared with a special encapsulation technique, the probiotics come alive and begin to reproduce in a fraction of a second, and within an hour the good bacteria cover the entire surface, leaving no space for other microorganisms.

When we take probiotics recommended by a doctor, we establish a balance in our bowels. With Probiotic, we can create an environment that is favourable to us and our families at home as well.

Probiotic offers four kinds of benefit to you: a product made from ecological materials, it effectively removes dirt and stains, is economical, and guarantees enduring protection through probiotics, the good bacteria.

How do Probiotic products work?

As we clean our homes with the conventional, aggressive chemical substances, we destroy most of the microflora, upset its balance, leading to a bacterial imbalance. This kind of environment is destructive, for it allows the harmful bacteria, which can adapt to adverse conditions and become immune to increasingly stronger chemicals, to live and spread. This leads to failures in the development of the human immune system, we become less resilient to infection and prone to various allergic reactions and other disorders.

Probiotics prevent harmful bacteria from spreading

With probiotic-containing natural cleaning detergents, you can clean your home just as well and effectively, yet contrary to the conventional chemical cleaners, probiotic detergents do not cause an imbalance in the microflora, but rather enrich it with the good bacteria. As you continue to use probiotic cleaning detergents, the good bacteria become predominant in the environment, restoring the natural microbiological balance, creating a microbiological environment that is favourable to human beings and protect us from the spread of harmful bacteria.


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